Dryer Vent Cleaning

Maximize Performance with Dryer Vent Cleaning

“The leading cause of clothes dryer fires is the failure to clean them (National Fire Protection Association, 2018).” That is why it essential to have your dryer exhaust vent inspected and cleaned by a professional once a year, at minimum. More frequent cleanings may be required depending on your dryer type and habits. Dryer vent cleaning may potentially reduce energy costs as well.

Dryer vent cleaning professionals possess the tools and skills needed to clean the exhaust thoroughly. They will begin the process by visually inspecting the outside vent flap to ensure no obstruction exists as well as examining the dryer hose for any wear and tear. Next, they will use a flexible rotating brush, which is connected to specialized equipment to remove any buildup. A HEPA rated vacuum is used to suck up any debris. Finally, they will test the appliance to ensure optimal operation.

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Help Prevent Danger in the Laundry Room

  • Never overload the dryer
  • Use a rigid or flexible hose
  • Clean the lint filter after each use and never use a dryer without one
  • Replace fabric softener sheets with reusable, environmentally friendly wool dryer balls
  • Don’t leave a dryer running unattended – always turn it off before leaving the house or going to sleep.

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