Spring into Clothes Dryer Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, U.S. fire departments respond to 14,630 home fires caused by clothes dryers, resulting in 420 injuries and $222 million in property losses each year. Another 620 home fires involving washing machines cause ten injuries and $7 million in damages annually.

In 27 percent of these incidents, the first to ignite was lint, a combustible material that forms both in the appliance and vent as your textile fabrics and other materials tumble dry each time you run a load. Over time, as lint builds up, it restricts the airflow, reducing the appliance’s performance and creating a hazardous condition should the dryer overheat. The NFPA cites the most significant contributing factor, accounting for one-third of dryer fires, as a failure to clean. Other factors include:

  • Mechanical or electrical failure/malfunction
  • Heat source too close to combustibles
  • Improper use of the appliance

Failing to clean your dryer after each use ultimately reduces the machine’s performance, increasing your energy costs and causing your clothes to take longer to dry, decreasing their longevity. You may even find when unloading the machine that your clothes remain damp. In addition, an accumulation of particles in the vent may impact indoor air quality and, since it’s spring allergy season, your allergies.

Warning Signs of a Clogged Vent
One of the best indicators of a blockage in the exhaust is if your laundry takes longer to dry than usual. Additional indicators include clothes being too hot to handle or visible debris in the exterior vent flap. Should you notice any of these warning signs or question the safety of your dryer for another reason, immediately call Green Clean NC at (919) 872-7247 to schedule dryer vent cleaning. We serve residents in Raleigh, NC, and neighboring communities.

Our dryer vent cleaning professionals possess the tools and skills to clean the exhaust thoroughly. They will begin the process by visually inspecting the exterior vent flap to ensure no obstructions and examine the hose for any wear and tear. Next, they will use a flexible rotating brush connected to specialized equipment, including a HEPA-rated vacuum to remove any buildup. Finally, they will test the appliance to ensure optimal operation.

Act Now by Scheduling Dryer Vent Cleaning
The professionals at Green Clean NC can help your dryer operate efficiently, lowering energy costs, and reduce the risk of structural fires by using advanced equipment and techniques to free your dryer vent from flammable lint buildup.

In addition, because this service is designed to improve the efficiency of your dryer, your clothes will dry faster and last longer. Finally, professional dryer vent cleaning and air duct cleaning can remove airborne pollutants, helping promote good indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce springtime allergy symptoms. Schedule an appointment at (919) 872-7247.

This service should be done annually to reduce the risk of clothes dryer fires. Some other things that the NFPA encourages you do, as outlined in “Clothes Dryer Safety” to ensure the safety of this appliance – especially between professional dryer vent cleaning appointments – include:

  • Don’t overload the dryer
  • Use softener balls rather than sheets
  • Never use the dryer without a lint filter
  • Remove and clean the filter after each use
  • Replace the dryer hose, choosing a rigid or flexible material
  • Always follow all operating instructions found in your appliance’s manual
  • Never leave the dryer unattended – always turn it off before leaving or going to sleep