The Best Services for The Big Game

Whether you watch it for the football or the commercials, the Big Game is this Sunday, February 7. Spending four hours inside, watching your favorite moments, emphasizes the importance of promoting a healthy indoor living environment by having a professional complete carpet and air duct cleaning. These services are perfect for removing pollutants from your home.

Improve Air Quality
Air duct cleaning aims to promote a healthy living environment by improving indoor air quality (IAQ). It is designed to prevent common pollutants, which may build-up in the ductwork, from circulating throughout the home. That is essential since the EPA reports that people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors.

However, this service is not limited to cleaning only the air ducts, as all HVAC system components are cleaned. Professionals possessing expertise in this area use specialized equipment under high-velocity negative pressure that drives contaminates out to an attached HEPA filter to maximize associated benefits.

Freshen Your Carpets
Wall-to-wall carpeting provides many advantages such as beauty, comfort, and warmth. It also acts as a filter, trapping common contaminates, which makes regularly cleaning them essential. Professional carpet cleaning is required every 12 to 18 months – more often in high use areas or homes with members who suffer from asthma or allergies – by manufacturers to maintain your warranty.

Carpet cleaning technicians use non-toxic, eco-friendly, residue-free cleaners that are safe for homes with pets or children. Another excellent method for long-lasting clean carpets is to have stain protection professionally applied. Stain protection will also help safeguard your carpet from wing sauce, nacho cheese, and other game-day messes.

Schedule a Carpet or Air Duct Cleaning Appointment
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