Treating Tricky Carpet Stains

In just eight days, many children will go door-to-door, dressed in the year’s most popular costumes repeatedly reciting the phrase “trick-or-treat.” It’s officially Halloween time!

As trick-or-treaters and party-goers prepare for the evening’s festivities, carpet stains may appear. These may even be the scariest thing you’ll see all night.

From crafting jack-o’-lanterns to getting into costume – complete with glitter, makeup, and colored hairspray – there are lots of opportunities for tricky carpet stains.


Pumpkin carving can be incredibly messy. Ideally, you’ll either want to lay down newspapers and, if the weather conditions are right, head outdoors to carve your pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern. The paper will make cleaning up much easier. Pumpkin dropped or smeared on your flooring can leave its mark. Safety tip: Illuminate your jack-o’-lantern with LED candles or battery-operated strobe lights.

Costume Makeup

“Halloween Makeup Videos” are up 1073 percent, according to Pinterest, and with good reason. Makeup is an easy and affordable way to elevate your Halloween costume. However, if you’re not careful, Halloween makeup can have terrifying effects. Colored hairspray and face paint can stain your clothes, upholstery, or carpet. Immediate cleanup is required to prevent Halloween stains from setting in.

Sticky Treat Hauls

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans are expected to spend about $2.6 billion on candy. That’s a whole lot of fun- or full-sized candy bars that will inevitably melt! Even chocolate smudges that originate from eating the loot (or leftovers) can cause quite a mess. Hard candy such as lollipops and Pez® can stain your flooring, as well. These sweets have different cleaning methods.

DIY Tips for Cleaning Messes

  • Remove as much loose material as you can
  • Apply soapy water to the affected area using a spray bottle
  • Using a non-patterned towel (paper or fabric), carefully blot the spot until removed , repeating as necessary. Do not rub the spot.

Keep in mind that some tricky Halloween carpet stains may not respond to these cleaning methods. In situations such as these, contacting a professional carpet cleaning company to effectively remove the stain is often your best bet.

Post-Halloween Carpet Cleaning
Extend Halloween’s magic by contacting Green Clean NC. We use environmentally friendly solutions and state-of-the-art equipment to remove even the scariest Halloween carpet stains. After our team of skilled technicians has thoroughly cleaned your carpet, we can apply optional stain protection, thus preventing future holiday messes from staining your beautiful flooring.

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